Funding Database sees so many loans and has been part of so many transactions that it has become an expert at loan underwriting of all types. This is often the time-consuming area of lending where many organizations cut corners. Some of the services Funding Database performs on loans it facilitates in-house and for other lenders include:

Originating and organizing applications

Pulling and analyzing credit

Handcrafting a due diligence request

Assisting in issuing a Loan Offer or Letter of Intent to the borrowers

Arranging local professionals to assist

Analyzing due diligence items

Including: financials, pro formas, collateral, environmental, legal, corporate structure, borrowers and guarantors, and items that are specific to each request

Ordering and analyzing valuations

Arranging title and escrow services

Introductions to professionals who draw legal documents and provide other necessary services

Assisting in issuing final terms to the borrower

Generally controlling correspondence between the borrower and lender

It’s not uncommon that getting a loan across the finish line takes even more attention. When a borrower is seeking a long-term partner or looking to place their loan on a crowdfunding platform, Funding Database makes even more services available. We have relationships with attorneys who can help draft an Offering or marketeers who can help package the scenario for the correct platform.


The most common problem we see as business owners and borrowers seek capital is the procrastination of engaging the right source of funding. That’s why having all the options available at one place can really help. As we underwrite a package for lenders, the transaction runs more smoothly. As we underwrite and package a loan for borrowers, their chance of placement is much higher. Learn more about what we can do for you by
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