The loan origination process is made extremely simple by Funding Database. Instead of trying to organize a file that will be conducive with all the lenders’ criteria, we simply make it possible to apply at one place, and provide items that will be required by the most likely source for your request specifically.
Funding Database receives hundreds of millions of dollars worth of loan requests each month. The loans that are a “fit” for its in-house lending partners, it assists in the underwriting process and facilitates closing loans. Deals outside of that box are distributed through the most likely lending source for the submission, which is organized around a proprietary loan-placement algorithm.

The steps of origination are traditionally:

1) Borrower applies, online or in paper format

2) Funding Database begins working to underwrite or facilitate an introduction

3) The borrower is notified of what can be done

4) Due Diligence items are collected and submitted

5) Underwriting ensues

Funding You IS our Business